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Should I be mad?

Sitting in the airport, waiting for a flight, having an internal debate that’s now external: Should I be mad?

I have my mask on. Most everyone has a mask on. These two people don’t have their masks on.

They’re sitting across from me, laughing, chatting, giggling, pointing. They’re not eating—the boxes you see have been empty for some time. They’ve made the decision—together, as a couple—not to wear their masks.

And, of course, no one is saying a thing.

Myself included.

Should I? I don’t know. I’ve been vaccinated, so I wouldn’t think I’m personally at risk. But it irritates the fuck out of me. Everyone who works here wears a mask—for the entirety of their shifts. The disrespect is jarring; the lack of concern obnoxious. But … what if they, too, have been vaccinated? Does that make a difference? Does that change the equation?

So … should I be mad?

Because I am.

PS: Woman who picks up trash just passed us—wearing a mask. They didn’t flinch.