The Bo Jackson Trivia Challenge I

So I’ve done this with other books, but it’s been a while and “The Last Folk Hero: The Life and Myth of Bo Jackson,” is dropping next week. Soooo … basically, I’m gonna post some Bo Jackson trivia here. E-mail your answers to

The people with the most correct answers win a (ridiculously sweet) Bo Jackson Memphis Chicks T-shirt, a dope sticker and some bookmarks..

Here you go …

• 1. Bo Jackson arrived at Auburn in the summer of 1982. He was not America’s No. 1 ranked high school running back. Who was?

• 2. Bo Jackson’s first Major League hit came in a 1986 game against the White Sox. Who was playing left field for Chicago?

• 3. Who was Bo Jackson named after?

Not a hint.

• 4. Who is the distance runner in the iconic 1989 Bo Knows commercial?

• 5. Bo Jackson was the leading American League vote getter for the 1989 All-Star Game. Who led all players?

• 6. In 1993, Bo Jackson hit a home run against the Seattle Mariners to clinch the division for Chicago. What college did the pitcher (who surrendered the homer) attend?

Also not a hint.

• 7. Bo Jackson’s closest friend on the 1994 Angels was an outfielder who has since passed. Name the player.

• 8. What USFL team approached Bo Jackson about joining its roster?

• 9. When Bo Jackson climbed the wall in Baltimore, what Orioles player was at the plate?

Sorry, breh. Still not a hint.

• 10. Name the two athletes who wrote forewords in Bo Jackson’s 1990 autobiography, “Bo Knows Bo.”


Bonus 1: What Texas player bit Bo’s wrist during a 1993 brawl between the Rangers and White Sox?

Bonus 2: What Colts slot receiver caught Bo’s Pro Bowl touchdown pass?

Bonus 3: Who was quarterbacking the Raiders when Bo ran over Brian Bosworth on Monday Night Football?

Not a hint. Yet again.