So I’m sitting here in Room 242 of a Ramada Inn in Boston. I’ve never been a hotel snob—not when I stayed in the Motel 6 with moldy ceilings outside of Nashville; not when I stayed in $350-per-night swankies for SI.

But this Ramada, well, it sorta grosses me out. Smells like one endless cigarette, and the furniture here in room 242 seems to be sweating. Really, sweating.

Anyhow, today’s task is to go the Fenway before the 7:05 Twins-Red Sox game and speak with Mike Lamb, Minny’s third baseman. Now one who doesn’t do this for a living might think, “How easy must that be.” And, indeed, it’s hardly collecting trash or rebuilding an engine or performing heart surgery. But there is nothing—absolutely nothing—I loathe more about being a sports writer than waiting for athletes inside a clubhouse. I’ve no doubt devoted, oh, three years of my life to waiting. Waiting for Tim Worrell to finish reading his elk magazine. Waiting for Jason Giambi to poop. Waiting for Dewon Brazelton to finish lunch, waiting for Tony Womack to get off his cell phone. If you love waiting, I’ve got a job for you!

Now, some of my peers say, “I can’t believe Mike Lamb would make you wait X minutes”—meaning that, because he’s Mike Lamb, he doesn’t have the right. Personally, I don’t buy that. Mike Lamb has no less of a right to make me wait aimlessly than does Derek Jeter or Eli Mannining or Evander Holyfield. And it’s not the waiting for a good reason (medical treatment; dinner; etc) that actually bothers me. It’s when someone like Worrell makes you wait and wait and wait for his own seeming enjoyment. Barry Bonds was actually a pro at this art.

Anyhow, feel free to comment on this. Or not—I’ll wait.

2 thoughts on “waiting”

  1. If there was a Hall of Fame for “make you wait for no reason than to just watch you squirm,” I’d nominate Raul Mondesi (which of course would be the only way he’d ever get in any Hall of Fame. Pity.)

    And you don’t mention that we have to do all that waiting standing around in a clubhouse with people (players) looking at us like “what are you just standing around waiting for? Don’t you have WORK to do?”

    See, this is yet another reason why I LOVE the Minors.

    And another reason to love your blog.

  2. The Ramada? really??? I thought Disney treated their Employees better. If you give me your Mailing address, i could send you some friends and family cards to get a discounted rate at any Choice Hotels,thats the one with the commercial about being everywhere. But yea if they have the room available the most you will ever pay for a room will prolly be $65 cheapest being 39. As far as Mike Lamb, you couldnt interview anyone better? Was Nick Punto taking a poop too. You know what you should do, then again i dont know how much you get paid. But you could do what lobbyist in washington do, they paid people to wait in line till session opens. then they go and meet them. Thats what you could do, pay some homeless guy to wait till Player X is done pooping and then when he is ready go ask him questions. The whole point of this comment to say the word poop as many times without sounding retarted. I have failed miserably

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