I am sick and tired of Brett Favre.

Great player, great guy. But gimme a friggin’ break.

You wanna continue your career? Fine. But after announcing your retirement following a prolonged (and very public) debate, don’t rip the Packers for disrespecting you. I’m not a guy who usually supports teams over players, but, well, I’m supporting a team over a player. Despite the conventional wisdom of players and 99% of the media talking heads, the NFL owes Favre absolutely nothing. Nada. It made him a wealthy man for the obscure (and relatively meaningless) ability to throw a wad of dried pig flesh 60 yards in the air to another man wearing sticky gloves and and Breathe-Rite strip. So enough with this, “The Packers need to let Brett play where he wants to play. They owe him that much …” Blah, blah, blah.

If anyone owes anyone anything, it’s Brett owing me a little peace and quiet. Because he’s driving me friggin’ crazy.

Either shut up and go to camp with the Packers as a backup (hell, you’ll win the job in two weeks, max) or begin your life giving Rotary talks and working 4-H bake sales.

But make up your mind. Please.

3 thoughts on “Favre”

  1. Dont forget moving the lawn, he likes that too. But yea i agree with you on Favre. Packers dont owe him shit, and he should go away. I swear he is worse than my fiancee at making decisions and sticking to them, and trust me she is horrible.

  2. Jeff, I enjoyed your comments about Favre, and I couldn’t agree more. The Packers gave him the chance to come back, and he assured them he was retired. So, RETIRE already!

  3. Jeff,

    I think the Packers do owe Brett a little something. He has been the face of their franchise for years. He has led them to the Super Bowl twice. Now they do not owe him a job or a trade. But they should think about how they want to be perceived in this difficult manner of Brett coming out of retirement. It is just my two cents worth.

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