The third coolest man ever

Because it’s Thursday.

2 thoughts on “The third coolest man ever”

  1. Ok, I’ll bite.
    Why do you consider “The Mad Hungarian” The Third coolest man ever?

    Look, I loved to watch Big Al pitch. He was pretty scarry out there from the view of a pre-teen, and I imagine that there were some MLB Hitters that thought so too. But what makes him so cool?

  2. I think I’ve been to about 5 MLB games all-time. I’ve only seen the same team play twice.

    The odd part is that the first three games I saw, Al Hrabosky got the save. And it was for 3 different teams. I saw him pitch for the Cards vs. the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine, for the Royals against the Indians at Royals Stadium (wasn’t Kaufmann then) and for the Braves against the Padres at the Murph.

    Obviously, I’m not a huge MLB fan. And it was just a coincidence that I happened across the Mad Hungarian the first three times.

    Still, I’ll never forget him.

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