Skip Bayless does not belong in this business

I write for, and very much enjoy it. Buy why, oh why, does this company continue to employ Skip Bayless?

Seriously, I don’t get it.

Bayless has a lengthy history of being an attention-seeking anus. I document this quite extensively in my upcoming Cowboys biography—especially when Bayless outs Troy Aikman in his book, “Hell Bent,” even though the Dallas QB apparently was not, ahem, gay.

But, really, why let truth, decency, integrity, honor and justice stand in the way of being an attention-seeking loudmouth? Why be righteous when you can scream out an opinion—personal beliefs be damned—and have people take notice? Why do the right thing, when doing the wrong thing pays the bills?

Here’s the latest example—an absolutely, positively pathetic moment in TV journalism that, in my opinion, warrants someone at ESPN asking the question, “Do we really want this man representing our product?”

Ask anyone who knows me—I hate ripping other journalists. Hate it. But, from my vantage point, Bayless no longer qualifies.

13 thoughts on “Skip Bayless does not belong in this business”

  1. Skip Clueless is not well liked and thats his only marketable trait.

    He’s an ASSHOLE!

    PLUS, he is VERY good at being an asshole.

    He knows it.

    The producers and staff know that fact.

    Thats what they are staking their careers on is that he will ‘PISS PEOPLE OFF!’.

    Mission accomplished.

  2. Jeff, I’m still reading your book (Boys Will Be Boys) and will reserve judgment on it until after I finish, but with respect to you as an author I must say, anyone who questions Skip Bayless as a journalist can’t be all bad!

  3. Actually surprised you picked this example. Skip Bayless is HORRIBLE to watch, soooo many clips you could have picked. Watch the “Should LeBron declare himself a Cav for Life” vid with Spike Lee. Bayless is simply an idiot. I typically turn the channel when he shows up…but every now and then I try again…only to be reminded of what a moron he is as soon as he opens his mouth. I’m with ya on why ESPN keeps him around??? My guess is he and Mark May have some GREAT pictures of ESPN execs from the 2003 office Christmas party.

  4. I have been wondering how skip keeps his job for a while know.I wish he would debat bobby Hebert with wwl870 live on TV I could allmost Hebert would jack his jaw.Me not using a capitol letter for skip was no mistake.

  5. I’m amazed on a daily basis at Bayless’ ignorant, overly-negative views. I believe I’ve finally figured it out, though. He’s ESPN’s “resident hater.”
    A token voice for the clueless and cynical sports fan.
    I honestly believe that he comes to the debate armed with two opposing views/arguments on paper for each subject. When his counterpart on the show expresses their view, he simply looks at the page he has prepared that opposes that view. As someone else here asserted, he can’t possibly believe what he’s saying. No way.

  6. I have hated Skip Clueless since back in the day when he was working for Minneapolis newspaper. All he does is BLAST successful people. He would blast the packers over and over again when they had Favre and now he is blasting Aaron Rodgers. Still holding a grudge I guess that a small-market team can actually win in the NFL. He is a fool and a buffoon. Why ESPN gives him a voice is beyond me.

  7. anyone that’ll take the side of a tebow/vince young and go out of his way to trash on an all pro qb like Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees should probably not be commentating on sports.

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