John Edwards and bullshit

Ideas are legitimate, people let you down.

That’s what I have to believe today, as I accept the news that John Edwards—my presidential choice—is full of shit. Edwards’ ideas and stances—two Americas; helping lift people out of poverty; better division of equity—are righteous. The man, clearly, is not.

To say I am disappointed in John Edwards is a tremendous understatement. I am mad. Outraged. Hurt. I feel as if I’ve been hit in the gut by Evander Holyfield. What sort of person does this stuff? Who cheats on his cancer-stricken wife? Who thinks he’s so untouchable that he can lie about this crap as he makes a run for the presidency? Did Edwards not think he owed his followers the truth? Did he not realize how many people believed in him? Not his message, but him—the man?

This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. What it is, to me, is a gender-power issue. Why is it that men—usually powerful men—can’t ignore the urges stemming from their penises and focus on the issues at hand? If Edwards was having problems with his marriage, he should have worked them out. If he wanted a divorce, he should have filed for one. But to lie … to bullshit—well, it’s wrong, times 1,000,000. The whole episode reminds me of the whole Priest abuse scandal, when too many people mistakingly confused their religious leaders with their religion. Believe in the ideals—not in the people peddling them.

I was a John Edwards supporter. Now, I am thrilled he is not the Democratic candidate. We need leadership—not liars.

4 thoughts on “John Edwards and bullshit”

  1. Jeff,

    Totally agree with your comments. What has happened to leadership which is exhibited through the ability to control oneself. This appears to be lacking in many of our leaders on the right and left.


  2. Don’t be surprised Jeff. Remember what we talked about, everyone is a sinner, everyone makes mistakes, everyone is in need of forgiveness.

    The answer to your question about powerful men lies in your question. “Powerful” men become powerful because of a drive and a level of selfish aggression that can spill over into personal life. There is some sort of chemical imbalance that makes it difficult for highly successful people to have good marriages. They are too many examples to choose from.

    I’m never surprised when one falls apart. I ‘m surprised and impressed when I see a highly successful athlete/personality who has a solid family life and marriage. That is the shocker to me. Being selfish and bad is innate and the path of least resistance. Being “good”, responsible & accountable is a learned behavior that takes effort. Easier from some than others.

  3. You are right to be angry, Jeff. What Edwards did was/is wrong.

    That said, I think this has more to do with addiction than morality. Yes, there is such a thing a sex addiction.

    Some people have trouble with drinking. Some people have trouble with drugs, with gambling, with eating, with smoking…the list goes on and on.

    This is not a way of avoiding responsibility for one’s actions – causes don’t excuse, they explain.

    Withhold your incredulity and extend compassion. We’re all human…sometimes that sucks.

  4. What John Edwards has done, is pathetic. But to be reminded of the priest scandal? What the priest did to young boys, is far more disgusting than any man cheating on his wife.

    Edwards cheating one time, ok, i would get that-but to continue the affair–MORON!!!

    Politicians, Priest, HUMANS have to stop thinking they are above everyone else. What has this world come to?

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