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Beyond my wildest dreams …

I am not one who brags. Really, I’m not. My wife will tell you—I get awkward about boastful stuff. That said, tonight I was told that Barnes & Noble’s warehouse has run out of “Boys Will Be Boys,” and that they had to put in another order to HarperCollins. I’ve had people calling me, saying, “They ran out of books here …” or “They ran out of books there …” On the one hand, it’s frustrating: You want people to be easily able to buy the product. Yet on the other hand, I’ve never had a run like this: Not a single negative review. Sales atop sales atop sales. A genuinely hot book that’s spent most of the past week in Amazon’s Top 20.

I am humbled, shocked, amazed—and, greedily, I want the roll to continue. I suffered—truly suffered—through the disappointment of “Love Me, Hate Me.” So this, in comparison, is bliss.