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The ultimate in interactive media

This morning I sat in a studio for three hours and conducted 18 radio interviews in markets across the nation. It’s fun and cool—but can get a little repetitive. So I decided to have some fun.

When people asked me about Charles Haley and his penile Olympiads, I no longer stumbled over radio-friendly words or acceptable phrases. I simply turned on the ol’ computer and went here, to the results of my Eenis and Ferk Hoff contest. Thanks to Will, I no longer have to use “jerk off,” “masturbate” or any other potentially offensive word (“Jed! Jed! I believe that man just said ‘penis’ on the radio!”) to describe Haley’s actions. Three or four times, I simply referred to Haley’s behavior as, “a manually manipulated sack dance.” It even earned some laughs.

So congrats, Will. E-mail me your address, and a book will come your way … 

And I’m always looking for other suggestions.