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C.J. Nitkowski, man of the people

Through the magic of Facebook, I have struck up a friendship (hopefully he’d agree with this assessment) with C.J. Nitkowski, the longtime major league pitcher who’s now playing in Japan. C.J. is a good guy—smart, snappy, two quality pitches, an excellent blog, etc. Yes, he was once traded for Kyle Kessel. But, hey, that’s not his fault.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve sparred back and forth about the election. C.J. is a pretty conservative guy; I’m as liberal as gay, Prius-driving San Francisco-based late-term abortion doctor with a nose ring. We’ve gone back and forth on Facebook—solid sparring, nothing especially offensive.

Then, in a post made last night, I called something “stupid” (I think that was the word), and C.J. made the point that you negate the quality of a debate by using such terms. I hate to admit it, but he’s right. My weakness in debate is when things get heated and I turn toward emotion over logic/points. It crumbles everything, and gives legitimacy to the other side. Worst of all, it’s truly disrespectful. No matter how intently you disagree with another, come day’s end it’s just an argument.

Anyhow, just thinking aloud. Sorry, C.J. My bad.*


*But you’re still 100% wrong on warming.*

PS: They’re playing Jingle Bells in Cosi this morning. It’s November-friggin’-eight.