Brian Hickey XI

Some absolutely amazing Hickey info:

First, Hickey actually accessed his Facebook page tonight and updated it thusly: “Brian gets off an certain trouble.”

Second, these two updates were posted today on Facebook by Angela, his dazzling wife:

1. Brian’s dad and I are sitting here in shock because we don’t know how Brian got on Facebook. Brian has expressive aphasia and may not be able to express himself properly, use the correct word in a sentence, or create fluent sentences. Friday was the first day he was really speaking words voluntarily (not on command) and yesterday he was attempting sentences for the first time. This is remarkable. Yesterday was so hard because he said numerous times he was nervous, frustrated, and unable to explain how he felt. He even said he can’t handle it. This all added to his frustration and anger. He kept telling me he wanted to come home. When I left he said, I’m right behind you. I felt so helpless. Today he was clearer and his sentences definitely fluent. He knew so much more. Its remarkable, his text messages are really the first time he has gotten a chance to express himself on paper because he doesn’t write with his left hand and since he’s so stubborn he prefers not to try it right now.


2. Brian was aggitated all day yesterday, but today he smiled a lot and after gettin in bed an hour ago, couldn’t be happier. He has his cellphone tonight, so if you get any calls or emails from him they may actually be from him. I can’t confirm that he knows how to text or access his phone but he will answer it if you call him bc he did it earlier tonight.



I’ve known Brian for a long time. We went to college together, worked on the student newspaper, have kept in touch over the years, talk every other month or so. He has always been an extremely tough guy—oozes of gritty reporter, staking out the mafia or chasing drug dealers. That sort of cat. So to see his ruggedness now is inspiring and, in some ways, not surprising. He’s a battler.

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  1. thanks for the update on Brian…I should’ve checked out your web site earlier…very impressive…you must’ve been paying attention in E310 at UD…I know, we didn’t do web sites back then…take care…

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