Pat Tillman, five years later


Pat Tillman died five years ago yesterday. Man, time flies. I still consider the cover-up one of the greatest indictments of the Bush Administration. A purely evil way to use a true hero’s death for purely political motives.

Anyhow, Keith Arnold blogged beautifully about it here. Worth a moment of your time.

3 thoughts on “Pat Tillman, five years later”

  1. Agree totally about the cover-up, but question your use of the word “hero” about Pat Tillman. Exactly why was he a “hero”? I find nothing heroic in his decision to fight in a war that he himself did NOT believe in. He should have protested the war and spoke openly about why it was wrong.

    I can not understand those who say “I don’t support the war, but you have to support the troops”. This makes NO logical sense! You cannot believe something is a crime (or war crime) but still support the men doing it!

    Supporting the troops means keeping them home, away from unnecssary wars.

    Love your blog, thank you for providing a comments section.


  2. Tillman began to question why they was there.
    That’s what made him heroic. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a chance to act on his beliefs… we’ll never know what else he might have done to protest.

    Agreed that supporting the troops fighting an unjust war is illogical. If the war is so pointless, they should just bring them home..

  3. You are both idiots. You do understand that the soldiers have absolutely no say in the matter right? You need to support the brave men and women that are fighting for your freedom and safety regardless. Otherwise, you step and risk your lives. And as for the fucktard that wrote this article… I really don’t even have the words…

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