The misguided Division III college football coach—Part II

Well, received an e-mail from the athletic director. And this was attached. Big, big props to the school, the AD, the coach. Takes character to openly admit a mistake. So I take back any negative thoughts, and give credit where credit is due:

April 23, 2009       Contact: Paul Plinske

Athletic Director

(262) 472-4661

Statement concerning actions by Warhawk football coach

WHITEWATER – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater head football coach Lance Leipold  apologized to the Royal Purple, the campus newspaper, for his use of inappropriate language to a reporter and his banning of the newspaper from covering the team. Leipold  promises to cooperate with the Royal Purple in the future.

In an email to the Royal Purple reporter, Leipold offered his sincere apology for his behavior, especially his use of inappropriate language. He acknowledged that the reporter, the UW-Whitewater campus community and alumni expect and deserve better from the head football coach of a nationally recognized football program. He also agreed to meet with the reporter to further discuss the matter.

Athletic Director Paul Plinske said Leipold’s behavior was unacceptable. Plinske expects all of his coaches to behave in a professional manner both on and off the field. “I am disappointed that Coach Leipold responded in this manner,” Plinske said. “This is by no means a reflection on Warhawk Athletics. Instead, it is an instance where an excellent coach allowed his passion for the program and his team to get the best of him. Coach Leipold knows his behavior was unacceptable.”

Chancellor Richard Telfer supports Plinske in this matter. Telfer also believes that the relationship between the Warhawk football team and the Royal Purple can be repaired. “Lance Leipold admitted that he behaved poorly and he has apologized. It is my hope that we learn from this situation and move forward,” Telfer said.  “The Warhawk football program is one of the best in the nation and we want to focus on continuing to improve the program.  Coach Leipold understands that the program needs the support of the entire campus community, and that includes the Royal Purple, to be successful. I know we can put this unfortunate situation behind us.”