Book contest—Part 2—the answers

Well, as predicted, my second book contest (the one where people couldn’t see the names) was significantly harder than the first. In fact, nobody got every night right. I went with two winners—Robert Eden of McKinney, Texas and Mark Clothier of Douglasville, Georgia. Mazel Tov, fellas—books en route.

And here are the answers:


In order, left to right, top row; then left to right, bottom row.

1. Mike Darr, former Padres outfielder who died in a car accident.

2. Ronald McNair, mission specialist aboard Challenger.

3. Eric Carr, former KISS drummer who died of cancer.

4. Gia Marie Carangi, model who died of AIDS-related complications.

5 . Nelson Rockefeller, 44th vice president of the United States. Died of a heart attack.

6. Bruce Lee, Martial-arts ass kicker, who died of “misadventure.”

7. Dick Schaap, famed sportswriter, who died of postoperative complications following hip replacement surgery.

8. Bon Scott, AC/DC lead singer, who died after a night of heavy drinking.