Steve McNair: II


Had a thought … just wanted to get it out there.

When someone of Steve McNair’s ilk dies, we’re supposed to be sad. But in the media world, I don’t see it. In fact, I see disconcerting excitement. At The Tennessean right now, I assure you some jaska•• publisher is debating whether the special section should be 10 pages, or 12. At ESPN and SI and The Sporting News and a dozen other shops, they’re trying to figure out whether McNair merits special coverage, and if hiked ad rates could be offered in conjunction.

To most of us media types, Steve McNair simply fit the suit. He was another guy with a big arm who we could use to sell magazines and newspapers; who the Titans could use to sell jerseys and T-shirts; who Alcorn State could use to boost enrollment and help recruit.

Obviously, many are genuinely sad. But many are also just along for the ride. It’s a shame.

5 thoughts on “Steve McNair: II”

  1. I can’t believe that I read what you write. There has never in the history of the written word anything as negative as this. You really should be ashamed.

  2. Jeff,

    You are so on the money.

    I know someone who works for Viacom and the feeding frenzy of $$ going on between the Jackson Family and where all the professional media gets to sit at the memorial is sickening. $50k for one spot, $100K for another. Yes, the tickets may be free for “joe two buck chuck” but the Jacksons are raping corporate america (maybe they deserve it).

  3. I took time to reflect and remember, his story of beating the odds, a big-armed quarterback from a traditionally black school. The way he reached out after Louisiana and Mississippi were ravaged by hurricanes. The way his teammates (and fellow NFL players) revered him.

    Then, after all that, my mind went back to infidelity in sports — and how, while it’s none of my business, it’s part of the pro sports culture. It’s accepted, and very few athletes have stood up against it — even the clean ones. It’s a problem, and here is a tragic example of how messy it can get. Might be time for someone to step up and speak up on this.

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