Brandon Marshall, go away.


Were Brandon Marshall to knock on my door tonight wearing his Broncos uniform, I’d have no idea who he is. I don’t know what he looks like, what uniform number he wears, how many catches he had last season, where he went to college. Literally, I know nothing about the man. Absolutely. Positively. Nothing.

That’s the thing men like Brandon Marshall—idiots who sign contracts, then whine and mope and hold out in an effort to renegotiate—eternally fail to understand: They are entirely replaceable. Not slightly replaceable. Not sorta replaceable. Totally, completely, 100 percent replaceable. As in, it won’t be much of a problem.

Yes, Marshall had a good season last year, catching (I just looked this up) 104 balls for 1,265 yards and six touchdowns. But allow me to ask Mr. Marshall this: Where in the world is Wayne Chrebet? Rod Smith? Louis Lipps? Rob Moore? J.J. Stokes? Yancey Thigpen? Ed McCaffrey? Vance Johnson? Russell Payne? Stephen Baker? Solomon Miller? They came, they caught passes, they vanished. Unless you’re Jerry Rice or Michael Irvin, that’s what happens. The gig doesn’t last long–especially if you stop trying; especially if you prove yourself an anus.

I never root for people to fail. But I’m officially rooting for Brandon Marshall to fail.


6 thoughts on “Brandon Marshall, go away.”

  1. Amen. Nothing but a phony story generated by the espn 24 hour news cycle. I’m rooting for this story to go away. Spygate was groundbreaking in the fact that it was the first completely ESPN generated story to go on for weeks. ESPN is becoming a wasteland. Blogs and podcasts like yours,Jonah Keri’s,Joe Posnanski,s and Dan Levy,s are where literate and intelligent sports fans go. Keepup the good work

  2. Jeff, I have to disagree on this one. I agreed with your article about Crabtree. Crabtree’s an injury prone rook who is easily replaceable.

    Brandon Marshall is not the same. He’s been a productive WR for some time now who is probably peaking and has the best years of his career still to come.

    Yes, he signed a contract. However, so did the Broncos. Yet for some effed up reason, the Broncos can cut him at any moment. Why can’t the player renege on the contract?

    Ok, so he goes about it like a clown, not practicing, acting like a jerk etc. But I think his actions are being exacerbated by the fact that no one (at least in the media) seems to be defend his stance. You’re right, an NFL player’s career is short, so they have to get the most when they can.

    Furthermore, whining and moaning and not practicing is the only way the teams will listen.

    Good/bad example: Plaxico pulled the same stunt last year. He refused to practice, just rode the bike until he got a new contract. It works. Therefore they do it. They have no other recourse. Also, the Giants and their Super Bowl repeat hopes showed that they’re not all replaceable. Plaxico’s idiocy cost us a very good chance at a Super Bowl run.

  3. Agree with Jeff. Everybody is replaceable, everywhere, at any job or profession, especially athletes. If the contract is meaningless, get a real job at the same pay. Good luck with that. No sympathy from me.

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