The Vecsey speech arrives (well, part of it) …

Much of the Peter Vecsey speech has finally been posted here, but below is a lengthy snippet. Not surprisingly, the NBA’s staffers snipped around 99.9 percent of the really good stuff.

To be honest, I was sorta conflicted about ripping Vecsey. I truly was. This was surely a big honor for the man, and everyone has bad moments. But then I thought about it—how would Vecsey had handled it were he in attendance, with his pen ready to write? The answer: Pretty obvious.

5 thoughts on “The Vecsey speech arrives (well, part of it) …”

  1. Wow. That was a horse shit, rambling speech that was way worse than I expected.

    I remember this guy about a decade ago on NBC and he was interesting when he came on Bill Simmons’ podcast earlier this year…but it looks like he doesn’t matter much at all today.

    Vecsey is right though with who the Hall of Fame has messed up on letting people in. It is a sham that somebody like Joe Dumars is in and Dennis Johnson isn’t (he’s only the greatest defense PG ever and was crucial to the greatest basketball team ever assembled in the 1985-1986 Celtics and was Finals MVP for the 1979 Sonics)

    Jordan’s speech wasn’t good, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. It was just forgettable and I didn’t expect anything too great or genuinely heaartfelt from him anyway.

  2. Vecsey, in writing for the NY Post for years, has been an embarrassment. He’s liked a failed standup comedian, or a hanger-on by dropping names. It was always all about him, not the sport he was supposedly covering.

  3. hes the best in the business. i need the whole speech. people need to stop being so sensitive. the cat from yahoo killed mjs speech. please. hes naming guys who should be in. i love it.

  4. you guys are clowns and have no idea. the shit with barkley was so funny and its only if you know the history between him and barkley.

    marty….how was jordans speech not good? it was from the heart and im glad he attacked who he attacked. grow up.

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