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Musical dreams


As I’ve written here before, I’ve long been a huge Blind Melon fan. Loved Shannon Hoon, thought much of their music was genius. Even last year, when they reunited and dropped an album with a new lead singer (Travis Warren), I thought they were awfully good.

Well, they’ve dumped Warren and are looking for a new voice. Just find the whole thing intriguing. This is off of their MySpace site:

State of the Melon

Good day to you all….

Given our convoluted recent history and taking into consideration all
the questions we’ve been receiving about our status, now seems like a
good time for a State of the Melon address. As we previously
mentioned, our New Year’s Eve show in Detroit was the final show with
Travis. We’re continuing our search to find a singer that fits the band.
If you know anybody who’s great, have ’em send an mp3 to All future shows, including the tour in
Japan are being put on hold until we find a singer who can help us
move forward with a new record. We are all writing new songs now with
the anticipation of releasing a new album as soon as we can find a
piece to fit our puzzle. We’ll let you know when things get

that is all.

B. Melon