An A-Bomb from A-Rod!!!!!!!!

Just heard John Sterling utter, “An A-Bomb from A-Rod!!!!!!!!”

Dear God, will someone please shoot me. Please.

Can someone explain how the best, wealthiest organization in Major League Baseball continues to have its games butchered by such a hack? I mean, look, there are bad announcers out there. Truly bad announcers. But Sterling is in a class of his own, in that he singlehandedly can ruin the joy that is kicking back and listening to a game.

Then throw in Suzyn Waldman and, well, egad.

We get this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. But, sadly, not this.


6 thoughts on “An A-Bomb from A-Rod!!!!!!!!”

  1. Lifelong Yankees fan here… and I actually find myself wanting to avoid the radio broadcast because of this. Mainly Waldman, though… Sterling’s a caricature, I admit, but I can tolerate most of his crap because at least he sounds like a baseball announcer. Waldman is among the most impossible to listen to people I’ve ever heard. Painful.

  2. I never tire of Scully’s call of Gibson’s walkoff. From the time he says “she is…GONE!” to the time he says “In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened!” sixty eight seconds pass with the pictures and crowd noise telling the story. After another thirty seconds of no talk, as the replay is showing, he says, “And now the only question was could he make it around the basepaths unassisted.” Finally, Garagiola breaks the spell at 9.02. In a minute fifty-five seconds, Scully speaks two sentences for a total of eleven seconds. Now imagine how a Sterling, or a Chip Caray, or a Joe Buck would have made that call.

  3. I thought I was a sexist jerk because I didn’t want to hear that caterwaul, but after seeing the comments on YouTube and other places, I realize I am far from alone in thinking not hearing the game is far, far better than having to listen to Waldman.

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