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Earlier today I was sitting on the toilet, skimming through my ol’ Barry Bonds biography, Love Me, Hate Me (which, for the record, can literally be had for one cent on Amazon).

There was a point in the book when I cited Bonds’ new (at the time) website, You might remember that, when he was angry with the press, Bonds started only speaking via his site—which, conveniently, also sold jerseys and hats and balls for ludicrous prices.

Anyhow, this got me thinking: Does Bonds’ site still exist, and what’s there?

The answers: Yes, and not much.

It’s worth a look. No longer peddling his goods or yapping at the media, Bonds has stopped taking fan questions and, for that matter, any feedback at all. I don’t blame him, to be honest, because what’s the point? When you’re loathed by, oh 50 percent of the country, forgotten about by 45 percent and tolerated by five, few are sending flowers and kisses.

Nowadays, Bonds apparantly uses the site to strictly post photos of himself with sick and disadvantaged kids.

Hey, whatever works.

For the record, I actually don’t doubt his intent here. Bonds always had a soft spot for children—just that it was obscured by his unparalleled dickish behavior. Perhaps now, removed from the spotlight and (I’m guessing) the drugs, he can just be himself. Which is probably a good thing.

PS: Whatever the case, he’s looking better than Sammy Sosa’s site.