Farewell, Mike Huckabee …


I like Mike Huckabee. I certainly wouldn’t vote for him, but he seems like a decent human being genuinely interested in doing (what he perceives to be) the righteous thing.

Yesterday, however, in a tragic blaze of bullets, his 2012 presidential aspirations likely ended.

For those who haven’t heard, four police officers were murdered yesterday in Lakewood, Washington. Their names are Ronald Owens, Mark Renninger, Greg Richards and Tina Griswold. They were sitting in a coffee shop when a man walked in, ordered something to eat or drink, whipped out a gun and began firing. It was a horrible massacre, plain and simple.

Today, authorities are looking for a 37-year-old suspect named Maurice Clemmons. He is described as having an “extensive, violent criminal record,” and was recently charged with assaulting a police officer and raping a child.

Clemmons is originally from Arkansas. Nine years ago he was released from prison after his lengthy prison sentence was commuted.

The politician who made that decision? Then-Governor Mike Huckabee.


For the record, I don’t like this. Prison sentences are commuted on a regular basis. They have to be, in order to keep the system running and prevent the overcrowding of prisons. Surely, had Huckabee known what would transpire, he would have never let the man out.

That said …

Politics is dirty. Filthy. Disgusting. Twenty-one years ago, Michael Dukakis lost the presidency to George Bush on an eerily similar issue—in Massachusetts, some prisoners were allowed weekend passes. One, Willie Horton, used a weekend away from prison to, ahem, kill people. Once this news got out, and was exploited by the Bush campaign (and used as a racial scare tactic), Dukakis was toast. T-O-A-S-T.

So, I predict, is Huckabee.

8 thoughts on “Farewell, Mike Huckabee …”

  1. you underestime the gop bullshit machine and the democrats pushover syndrome. teh repubs will try to deflect this as much off to the guy breaking his parole (he was given parole after the huckabee commutation but broke it and authorities didnt do much, i dont think) and will somehow figure out how to paint obama as a socialist with this…

    the democrats on the other hand, will not go near this, thinking ‘hey, this mess will take care of itself and huckabee will be a non-contender and we must not politicise this and rise about partisan politics’ only to let so much shit go that guess what, in 2012, i bet huckabee is the nominee.

    then fox news will “accidentally” put a (D) after huckabees name, like they do for all the republicans that get caught up in scandals and controversies.

    yeah, politics is a little predictable.

  2. sorry, to clarify, i meant the gop (and huckabee clan) will pass off the responsibility to washington state authorities and washington state courts.

  3. the penalty should used. enough with the appeals, enough with a life sentence, enough of it all. if someone has it in ’em to kill, rape, mutilate, and son and so forth, they should be willing to give up there own life. tax dollars going to give these people a life behind bars? what is the point? prison should be used to rehab those that have done bad, but have killed by accident or done less…anything less, it’s needle time.

    1. Sorry Lunch, but you’re wrong. We now know (as we always should have) that the death penalty has been used in error in the past. If there’s any chance of error (and, being that we’re humans, there always is), you can’t end a life. You just can’t. I don’t even see wiggle room here—an opposing argument. We make errors, blunders, mistakes. Hence, you can’t kill people. Because you might have it wrong.

    1. Firmly pro-choice. Call me callous, call me a killer—but an unborn, 3-month-old-and-younger fetus is not a baby. So to terminate a pregnancy at that stage is not murder. That said, after 3 months I take a firmer stand

  4. this is a quote from bill oreilly when he interviewed huckabee yesterday:

    O’REILLY: [interrupting] “Well, it’s not your fault, Governor. I mean, look, you’ve got 1,200 of these cases a year. You gotta look at them. I’m not saying it’s your fault. I don’t think anyone watching thinks it’s your fault.

    “But the judges in Washington state, come on. I mean, this guy moves from your state — Arkansas — to Washington state and then he racks up 8 felony charges. Eight felonies!”

    so ben, the only kool-aid going around is from the right side.

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