Smokin’ Potts


There are a handful of Republicans running for governor in Alabama right now, and they are quite, well, dumb.

When recently asked, all agreed teachers in public schools should be allowed to lead a class in voluntary prayer, and almost all say the Bible should be taught. The whole mob of ’em take the Good Book as literal fact (the entire text, not just parts).

Yet from the ashes of buffoons, one man rises. His name is James Potts, a Bibb County financial professional (not entirely sure what that means, specificayardsignlly) and a member of the Alabama Cattleman’s Association since 1988. According to his website, Big Jim’s hobbies include Fishing, Tennis, Horseback Riding, Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap, Hiking, Canoeing, Alpine Skiing, Sailing and Hunting (for gay people, I’m guessing).

Oh, and being a dolt.

Potts believes that all religions should be allowed to have displays on government property—save for Muslim. “Either you accept our way of life,” he says, “or you go back to another country that is Muslim.”

Yeah, boy! J-Potts in da house!


4 thoughts on “Smokin’ Potts”

  1. Right. Because this is America and everyone is free to believe in what they want.

    Except for Muslims.

    What a jackass.

    I wonder if he’s ever stopped actually read anything about Islam. If he can read, he’d probably be frightened at how similar his crazy religion is when it’s compared to everyone else’s crazy monotheistic beliefs.

  2. Good call, Andy. That was my first thought, too…this guy seemingly has zero idea that the primary difference between Islam and Christianity is that one’s holy book is in Arabic and the other isn’t. Their tenets are essentially the same.

    I’m guessing that NY has one whole hell of a lot more social services available to people in need that does Alabama. That’s the difference between a blue state and a red state almost by definition, isn’t it?

  3. “Either you accept our way of life,” he says, “or you go back to another country that is Muslim.””

    For some reason, I am surprised he didn’t say “or you go back to Musla.”

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