Wow. I mean, wow.


OK, so yesterday I blogged about James Potts, the Alabaman who is running for governor. I noted how he’s, well, crazy; how he thinks Muslims do not deserve displays in public, how school prayer is OK, etc … etc.

Since I don’t cover politics (hence, no conflict of interest), I think it’s important to let people like Mr. Potts know how strongly I object to his ignorant stances. So I sent his website the following note:

I don’t live in your state, so you don’t really have to worry about this. But your comments on Muslim displays is just so … so … so embarrassing. And narrow-minded. I know you want to win an election, and you’re running in an especially bigoted state. But do you REALLY feel that way? REALLY? What if, tomorrow, you no longer accepted Christ? What if you chose a different spiritual path? Does that mean you no longer quality for fair representation?

Dude, pathetic.

Just a few moments ago, to my shock, Mr. Potts responded:

When a religous group wants to degrade women, kill christians, and destroy our country.  I have a problem with that. These muslim extremist should live in a country that caters to them.  If they have converted to another religion, then I have no problem with their being here. But they should be able to pledge allegiance to the flag of this republic to enable them to live here, and mean it !!

I am fifth generation here.  My family has served in the military, from WWI,
WWII, Korea, Vietnam, & Desert Storm. A Muslim Major kills 13 and wounds others and says no Muslim is going to kill another Muslim.  And you tell me I’m bigoted and narrow minded. who ever you are, you need to review the facts.  Who do you kid !! People in NY are rude and bigoted, NOT
Alabama. We don’t ignore people who need help as with most of NY city slickers.
Wake UP !!!

James Potts


Where to begin? The large blue font? The underlining? The grammar?

I’ll choose none of the above, and let the letter speak for itself. Dear God …

PS: The above picture is from Mr. Potts’ website. Oddly, it’s in the photo section. The caption reads: My daughter Wendy Nicole’s farm dog (and a great one, now deceased), guarding hay for the herd of cows.

PPS: Admittedly, I probably shouldn’t have called Alabama a bigoted state. Except, well, it’s a pretty bigoted state. History don’t lie.