J-E-T-S, Lose! Lose! Lose!


I’ve lived in New York all of my life. From the very early years, I’ve been a Jets fan. I’ve lived through the minor highs (Freeman, Wesley, Al Toon, some nice games from Richard Todd) and the major lows (Blair, Matt Hatchette, Alex Van Dyke, some terrible games from Richard Todd). I feel like I have a very strong grip on the green and white, and I love that I’ve seen this year. For the first time in forever, the Jets are a true team on the rise. They really, really are.

That said, this weekend they’re going to lose—ugly.

If one listens to New York sports talk radio, or watched the yoyos on SNY and MSG, he’d think the Jets actually have a chance. All the cliches are out in full force—they’re hot at the right time, Mark Sanchez is on a roll, San Diego can’t stop the run, Tomlinson is a shell, Vincent Jackson will be shut down, etc … etc.


The Jets will not win this game. They’re about to get slaughtered by a significantly better team. I’m predicting 38-10, but it might be worse. This isn’t an insult to the Jets—their improvement this year has been remarkable, and the team is one or two relatively minor pieces away from being Super Bowl worthy (The pieces: A serious pass rusher, and a deep-threat receiver who doesn’t drop every other ball).

OK, I feel better.

My predictions:

Chargers 38, Jets 10

Colts 24, Ravens 13

Vikings 35, Cowboys 10

Saints 45, Cardinals 31

10 thoughts on “J-E-T-S, Lose! Lose! Lose!”

  1. “Come on, Man!!”

    While I am not confident the Jets will win (SD is VERY GOOD), I do think the Jets will fair better than your 38-10 prediction.

    I think our “O” will fall a few plays short, and that will probably center on our rookie-QB missing a few throws (or Edwards dropping another easy TD), but I do think Rex & co. will be able to minimize LT & VJax.

    I think it will be our inability to stop Gates that will be the difference.

    This hurts, but: SD 20, NYJ 16.

  2. NY sports radio is unlistenable but they’re right on a couple of points. Revis will likely shut down Jackson, the Chargers don’t have much of a run game, and their run D is kinda weak. Unfortuntely for the Jets the Chargers have quite a few weapons on offense and Mark Sanchez is still the QB and when the chips are down I doubt he’s going to be able to pull one out for the Jets. Not at this stage in his career.

    SD 27 NYJ 17

  3. The Jets haven’t given up more than 31 points in a game all year. I realize the San Diego offense is good, but you don’t need to lower your expectations that far.

  4. Jeff,

    Just a heads up that you might want to change the headline on this post to something like Done! Done! Done! or something else given the juxtaposition with your next post.

  5. Every couple of years its the same thing with the Jets, they tease their fans with a pretty decent year and trick them into thinking that next year “is gonna be it!”

    And every next year, the Jets crap the bed and go back to being the same old Jets.

    And 95% of their fans put the green and white into their closets for the red, white and blue, leaving a smaller, more dispirited fan base wrestling with the intricacies of spelling a four-letter word.

    From Parcells/Testaverde to Mangini/Pennington to Ryan/Sanchez it goes and goes.

  6. If Jets fans stop thinking this woe is us mentality, maybe they will actually surprise us all and win. After all, there have been some surprises in football over the years. Of course, the second they are out, it’s hockey season to keep me warm till baseball season begins.

  7. I think you’re right about all of these except for the Saints’ game. I’m not entirely convinced that they’ll beat Arizona. Last week’s victory over the Packers should give the Cardinals some momentum, and Kurt Warner’s looming retirement should give the whole squad some nice “win one for the Gipper” type motivation. Drew Brees is a good quarterback and the Saints are fun to watch. But their success year has largely been smoke and mirrors; they’re not as dominant as they appeared to be. They almost got beat by both the awful Rams and the almost as bad Redskins, and they sucked during their last couple of games. I love the drinking and debauchary embodied by New Orleans, and I realize that a Super Bowl victory by the home team would provide a much needed lifting of spirits of hurricane survivors of that city. Unfortunately that won’t happen this year. I expect the Cardinals to upset the Saints in this game.

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