I’m sitting in a cafe. It’s warm, and I’m debating whether to have pizza or salad for lunch. My kids are in school, my car is parked outside, my wife is working. I’m getting paid to write books. I have about 30 shirts in my closet, and enough money to be secure. There’s a bevy of hospitals within 20 miles in case we need medical help. I went to Florida a few weeks ago to relax and swim. I’ll probably ski this winter. Ice skate, too. The Jets are playing Sunday night. I’ll watch, with a bowl of popcorn to my side.

Why am I blessed, and why are others cursed?

Life is so incredibly unfair.

PS: This, from a friend: SKY NEWS AND AFP are quoting the Haitian Prime Minister who apparently said the number of dead could be “well over 100,000” following the quake.