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The broken record


Today, I’m going to be a broken record. Pardon me for doing so.

I’m sitting in Cosi. Almost everyone who works here is either Hispanic or African-American.

Nearly all the customers are white.

I recently rented a car in Atlanta. Everyone working behind the counter was African-American.

Everyone renting the cars were white.

We live near a Friendly’s. All the suburban mothers take their kids there for dinner and ice cream. Those suburbanites are 99% white.

The employees are nearly all African-American.

We’re told that everything is even. People are against Affirmative Action programs because, in the year 2010, what should count is merit, and merit alone. All things are equal. Everyone has a fair shot. Blah … blah … blah.

It’s simply not true.

I love this country, and I believe in this country. But I question this country.

You probably should, too.