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I watched about 23 seconds of yesterday’s Pro Bowl—more than enough time to see players half-jogging through the motions in an effort to stay health, look moderately active and collect a check. I fully understand—as Robert Edwards will surely attest to, there’s absolutely no benefit in going all out in a football-related event when the positives are minimal and the potential negatives catastrophic.

This year, the NFL moved the game to Miami and played it a week before the Super Bowl. The goals were logical—make it more geographically friendly to fans and the media (in 2010, no newspaper would send its writers to Hawaii for an exhibition game), and play while fans are still thinking grid. Generally speaking, the Hawaii-based Pro Bowl was greeted by one big yawn.

So did this year’s Pro Bowl work? No. The biggest problem, hands down, is the disappearance of players from the Super Bowl teams. To have a Pro Bowl sans Peyton Manning and Drew Brees makes no sense. None. Zero. Zip. It’d be like touting an early-90s exhibition between the two top heavyweight champions, but excluding Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in the name of Tony Tubbs and John Ruiz.

So what to do? Here’s my solution …

Kill it.

Kill the Pro Bowl.

End it.

Squash it.

Seriously, the game sucks, nobody cares and the time could be spent doing more worthy things, like knitting and holding hands and eating animal crackers by a warm fire. There’s just no justification for this farce of a game.


Mmm—animal crackers.

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  1. Completely agree. Every player in the NFL gets beat up during the season and after 17 weeks, everyone is injured to some degree. An extra game isn’t a reward; it’s a punishment!

    Plus, with everything we now know about brain damage, that’s an extra bunch of hits to the head that players just don’t need.

  2. How about copying the Lingerie Bowl and have the Pro Bowlers play touch football in the underwear?

    I wouldn’t watch…but the NFL might attract a new demographic.

  3. Jeff, with all due respect, there were 70K fans at the stadium watching the game. It was real fun, (alot of offense). It is just an appreciation for all the Fantasy Football geeks (like myself) 3 of my players were on the AFC team and 2 on the NFC team. fun, fun, fun to watch. Since we are thinking about killing the Pro-Bowl let us kill the MLB & NBA All-star games!……..8-)

  4. Here are a few more realistic solutions, since the NFL is not going to walk away from any game that makes money:

    1) Go back to a week after the Super Bowl and tell the players that unless there is a medical reason why they aren’t there, they are suspended for the first game of the next season.

    2) Push it back to preseason of the next year. People are in more game shape then.

    3) Put up $15 million. Winning team MVP gets to donate $10 million to his favorite charity. Losing team MVP donates $5 million. Any player who blows that off is an ass.

    4) Any player who doesn’t go forfeits whatever bonus he got for making the Pro Bowl in the first place.

    5) Do away with the Pro Bowl altogether and go back to the Consolation Game that was held in the 50s and 60s. Jets-Vikings this year. Do the same $10m/$5m split for charity.

  5. So Frank, let me get this straight; you watch your fantasy players for 17-18 weeks per season and seeing them run half-assed in a game that the players playing don’t care about is “fun, fun, fun to watch”?


    Presumably you already see “your” players play and you aren’t getting any points for the TDs, yards, etc that they’re getting. So I’m not really following your point here.

    Are you Paul Lukas in disguise in just really enjoy watching guys in different uniforms.

    And I’m not sure why the utter suckfest of the NFL Pro Bowl has to do with the NBA and MLB All-Star Game. At least the MLB one is legit and is a close representation of a baseball game.

  6. Yes there were 70,000 people in the stands. How many of those tickets were given away. I can’t believe a real fan would pay any money for that game.

    TV ratings were up 40 percent over last year, but were crushed by the grammys.

  7. Dear Byron,
    Yes it was real fun watching the Pro Bowl.. Yes it was fun to see my fellow Fantasy players play even after the regular season.. “I” had a nice time watching the game; why the problem? There were.70K people in the stands and the TV ratings were great. Again “I’ loved it”, Are you serious about MLB All-Star game being legit and a close representation of a baseball game?; pitchers pitch 1 to 2 innings and all the position players need to rotate into the game; that’s a close representation of MLB? Give me a break! The American league and National league play for the right to get “home field advantage” in the World Series” Now…… that’s a joke! Listen, I respect Jeff’s opinion and this is just mine. Thanks for caring……8-)

  8. I don’t see why the Pro Bowl exists either, although I can understand the need to compile some official NFL All-Star list. So, why not just invite the position players that would ordinarily be a part of the worthless Pro Bowl to come out and wave as part of the Super Bowl pregame show? That way the players could watch the big game together, the fans could get a look at the players they like. I would rather see that than have to suffer through a song from some crappy “American Idol” runner-up or whatever else passes as “entertainment” before the Super Bowl. Maybe they could even do this at the Super Bowl halftime, so they wouldn’t have to worry about pedophile has-beens or wardrobe malfunctions.

  9. The media seems to spend a lot of time complaining about the Pro Bowl. All of the attention seems to undercut the argument that it is irrelevant.

    I have a one word argument to save the Pro Bowl: Vegas. The players will attend, the fans will attend, and as long as Pacman Jones doesn’t make the squad, it should go much better than our last All-Star game.

  10. Yeah, Dave, UNLV has a pretty decent stadium in Vegas. I saw U2 play there many moons ago.
    It would probably have to be revamped a bit for an event like this one, but I’m sure that Las Vegas could afford it.

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