“God had a plan”


Just heard Reggie Bush utter the words, “God had a plan.”

Not in relation to Katrina recovery, or Haiti disaster relief, or weather or love or life or death.

No, “God had a plan” for one team triumphing over another team in a game played on a 100-yard swath of grass involving an oval ball and grown men dressed in plastic helmets and pajamas.

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  1. So you’re planning on working for free now, right?

    After all, the thing that you have made a lot of money covering — sport — is a worthless endeavor.

    So, just how much DO you hate yourself?

  2. Darrin’s an idiot.

    all Jeff is saying is sports should be kept in perspective, and God (if he exists at all) doesn’t care about a football game.

    and I agree 100%

  3. I grow so very tired of people who have earned very good livings from the fact that sports is NOT in perspective tell me that sports should be in perspective.

    When I read or hear Jeff arguing that the sports section should be cut to increase the budget for international or financial reporting, then I’ll listen.

    Because I guarantee you that every major newspaper in this country somehow found a reason to send at least two reporters to Miami for a week.

    From a pure news point of view, the New Orleans Times-Picayune and the Indianapolis Star are the only papers that should have gone.

  4. darrin, wtf are you talking about? you sound like you went to six colleges in five years and graduated with a journalism degree after having no articles or reports published and ran for vice president and lost and now wont shut the fuck up.

  5. Jeff,

    Thank you.

    But when the game is watched by 100 million people, and 30-seconds of air time costs seven figures and an entire American city depends on the event for tourism dollars and every major media outlet in the country sends at least two people, and there is a real fear that Pete Townshend was going to die on stage, I really think the least of our worries is that a running back has decided that God had an interest.

    Or rather, the least of the worries of people that don’t have an anti-religion agenda.

  6. Darrin…God loves you. Nobody else does, but God loves you.

    What possesses people like you to behave like a moron?

    I’m with Jeff on this point…it’s ridiculous to hear “God had a plan” regarding a football game.

    And why Jeff’s stance on God and sports has anything to do with how much money he has made covering sports I’ll never understand.

    People make money selling drugs too…does God have a plan for those successful drug dealers?


  7. I would have thought it would be obvious, but here goes:

    Jeff didn’t just say, “God doesn’t have plans for football games.”

    Had he left it at that, fair enough. I don’t happen to believe God’s grand plan involves 3-and-2. Or, to put it another way, I don’t believe God hates Peyton Manning.

    But I also can understand how people get through their lives — the triumphs and the failures — by beliving there is a higher power at work. I think Reggie Bush would believe God has a plan for him whether he played football, sold tractors or did landscaping.

    But Jeff went out of his way to mock the sport of football as grown men in pajamas and put it up against Haiti, Katrina, and love and life itself.

    I find it hypocritical for a sportswriter who owes his job to the fact that people take sports wayyyyyyyy too seriously to belittle sports in that fashion.

    Without sports fans, Jeff doesn’t have a job. Without people who give one rat’s ass about the 1990s Cowboys, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, the 1986 Mets and whoever the hell he’s writing about now, Jeff doesn’t sell any books.

    Think about that, Jeff.

    At one point in your life, you counted on the fact that people would have strong feelings — positive or negative — about a bunch of men who played almost 20 years prior on a diamond-shaped swath of grass and dirt with a round, white ball and sticks and oversized mittens.

    You were hoping those feelings were strong enough so they would take whatever money they had set aside for reading material and not spend it on the books coming out about 9/11, or the Iraqi war, or the 2000 election, or the Clinton years, or any other “important” issues of the day. You didn’t want them spending it on political magazines or literary journals or even on Time Magazine.

    You wanted it on a book about a bunch of guys who played a kid’s game two decades earlier.

    So that, to get back to Steve, is why Jeff’s stance on God matters.

    Because I am so sick of sportswriters belittling the people they are writing for.

    Fans care about sports. Probably too much, but if you don’t like it, go be a political writer and save the world.

    Because you’re in the toy department, Jeff. Live with it.

    1. Darrin, you’re one of the oddest posters i’ve ever had here. i don’t mean that meanly—just don’t usually feel what you’re saying. my post had nothing to do specifically with football. could have been any sport or casual endeavor. i love football.

  8. I agree with Travis on this one, and Jeff, I believe in God but what Reggie said is ridiculous. The Colts HC is a man of faith…so it’s God’s plan to reward Reggie & CO and punish Jim Caldwell?

  9. “God had a plan,” is just what dumb people say when they’re forced to confront some horrible truth or come up with a quote on-the-spot.

  10. And “God doesn’t care about …” is what lazy writers do when they want to squeeze in a quick rant.

    And Jeff, you went off on football. “in a game played on a 100-yard swath of grass involving an oval ball and grown men dressed in plastic helmets and pajamas.”

    1. that said, i’m confused why you come here. if you hate most everything i write, why deal with the aggravation? there are, literally, 800,000 other blogs out there, many of which you’d surely enjoy more than this one. Don’t worry—I won’t take offense. 🙂

  11. Because I agree with your politics and I do appreciate the interaction.

    It is possible in this world to believe in God and the Democratic Party, you know.

    Besides, I’m having a great time. Never think this isn’t fun for me.

  12. [19] I don’t beileve in either God OR the Democratic Party..can I still play?

    Oh, and to whomever accused me of choosing my handle for “ironic” purposes..my background really is a mixed Jewish/Muslim one..yes, there are many of us out here. And I can quite confidently say that the religions are exactly the same fucking thing for the most part..Israel/Palestine has zero to do with religion and everything to do with land/water/borders.

    Royals in 2010!

  13. Yeah, Brees said the same thing.

    I’m waiting for someone in the *losing* locker room to say it. “God made me throw that pick!”

    The other reaction is that God is now Sean Peyton. Because *that’s* the guy with the *plan*.

  14. Frank,

    That’s an entirely fair question and is indeed a great response to people who invoke God.

    Kurt Warner came the closest. He didn’t specifically say God put a 300 pound defender in his chest, but he did say he thought that was God’s way of telling him it was time.

  15. Darrin:

    Yeah, but even Warner was talking about a sign to retire, not the outcome of the game. And, Kurt, all you needed for *that* was a perusal of your medical chart :).

    I must admit, I react violently to the whole “God has a plan” thing because I remember the first time I heard it. It was at a wake. For one of my best friends. Who was FIFTEEN. (She died of leukemia). If taking one of the most wonderful humans I’ve ever had the pleasure to know at the gruesome age of fifteen is “God’s plan”, well, then it sucks harder than Belichick’s plan in the Indianapolis game!

    That little incident was actually the planting of the seed that eventually resulted in my atheism.

  16. Should there be an omnipotent God, I don’t think we can say for sure either way whether or not he involves himself in the outcome of sporting events.

  17. Jeff,

    Not sure if you want to hear what I have to say on this issue, but honestly, I wish athletes would just play the game and not say “God has a plan” about who wins. I believe that if there is a God, he has a sovereign will for the universe. And if there is a God, he has a moral will for individuals. But as to the Super Bowl, which falls in neither of these categories, I think that Bush should just shut up and play.

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