Just so I understand this …


Big news today. Paul Hewitt, Georgia Tech men’s basketball coach, has turned down a job offer from St. John’s.

“My family and I have developed deep ties to Georgia Tech and the city of Atlanta,” Hewitt said in a statement released by Georgia Tech. “I strongly believe in what Georgia Tech can do for young people, and I am committed to returning the Tech basketball program to the level of success our fans have come to expect. We took a step in that direction this past season, and I fully intend to continue on that path.”

Translation: Are you guys a bunch of idiots? Yeah, I’m really gonna leave Georgia Tech for St. John’s. I’m really gonna do that. Have you been to St. John’s? It’s a dumpy commuter school in Queens with a crap gymnasium and no chance of exiting the Big East cellar for years and years. Hell, why would anybody come to play there when they’ve got offers from Syracuse, Georgetown and UConn? Have you seen the campus? Do you know about the crumbling buildings? And what exactly am I supposed to sell kids on—Chris Mullin and Walter Berry?

So, yeah, I interviewed, but only because it gives me bargaining power. But come to St. John’s? I’d rather come to Taco Bell for the 5-for-$5 lunch special.