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Was announced today that At the Movies is being cancelled after nearly three decades. A sad moment, indeed.

Growing up, I loved At the Movies. Loved Gene Siskel. Loved Roger Ebert. Had no idea they were actually writers for the Chicago daily newspapers—just thought they were snarky, intelligent men who watched a lot of films.

When Siskel & Ebert loved a movie, it was cool viewing. But the best material came when they absolutely, positively, without-any-doubt loathed a product. I actually stumbled upon this site, which has a tribute to Siskel & Ebert’s massive thrashing skills.

And here’s this gem, for your pleasure …

4 thoughts on “At the Movies …”

  1. if siskel & ebert said it was good and kid-friendly, my parents let me see it. i HAD to watch them for that reason.

    unfortunately, siskel passed way too soon. while roeper was a pretty good stand-in, the show took a dive when ebert suffered medical problems himself. i recently watched it, it’s miserable with the two dudes doing it now.

    as a chicagoan, siskel & ebert was an chicago institution.

  2. Funny thing about the movie. The parents of North are played by Jason Alexander & Julie-Louis Dreyfuss, who must have been on a hiatus from Seinfeld. Hard to imagine going from something so groundbreaking on television to make a movie like this.

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