Another terrorit attack yesterday. Two of them, actually, in the Russian subway.

I’m feeling a bit obvious today, so I’m going to state the obvious: I hate these people.

I hate them more than opposing armies, because opposing armies are often made up of poor schlubs following orders they don’t necessairly believe in. I hate them more than cliched evil masterminds, because cliched evil masterminds are often warped individuals who spent their youths being beaten with a pipe. I hate them because—for the vain purpose of making a loud point—they take the lives of others. They decide, “I need to do this, so I’m going to walk into a subway with explosives attached to my chest and kill everyone—the old man nearing retirement; the 2-year-old twins; the popular high schooler; the math genius; the father working two jobs to support his kids; the mother coming home from her job at the accounting firm. I’m going to execute them all, because somehow I’ve decided it’s my God-given right to do so.”russia-mourns-metro-bombing-victims-2010-03-30_l

One of the worst parts is this: Most of the world’s suicide bombers seem to be young. Not teenagers, but in their 20s. They are willing to commit such an act, in part, because they know no better. They don’t understand the world; they haven’t lived; they lack the true emotional capacity that is empathy. They don’t mind killing because they’ve been told it is their duty. And duty calls.

On a political front, this is a real test for Vlad Putin—one he’ll almost cetainly fail. He can allow his (limited) open society to continue to exist, or he can shut down the government, take control of everything and use these attacks as an excuse to lasso a thicker steel chain around the rights of Russians. He can act just as George W. Bush did (scared, overzealous)—and accomplish little in the name of combating terror. Or he can make the most powerful statement possible: One that says, “Fuck you, we’re not afraid and your acts don’t do shit to us.”

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  1. Muhammad Goldstein

    Jeff, ever read anything about what the Russians have done in Chechnya? Why do the victims always get blamed more for fighting back than the aggressors? We invade Iraq, they fight back and they are “terrorists”? Same with Israel & Palestine..Israel bombs Gaza with US made weapons, they are only “defending themselves”. But Palestinian bombers are “terrorists”?
    Really, the media as usual has it backwards..The Russians are lucky that there are not bombs goign off every single day in Moscow in retaliation for what they have done in Chechnya. Just sad that civilians pay for the sins of the government..

  2. Muhammad,

    Tell me which one of the innocent individuals killed or injured was the aggressor. Please.

    The killing of innocents is NEVER justified.

  3. Muhammad Goldstein

    Jim K. Where is outrage at all the innocent Chechnyans who were raped, tortured and murdered? By a ratio of 8 to 1 for every Russian death? Why no front page photos of the carnage there? Same in Gaza..why are some lives more valued then others?

    Sorry, but the Russians brought this on themselves..just like we did in Afghanistan..

  4. Ahh, the old two wrongs must make a right theory.
    There is never anything right in the killing of innocent people no matter who is doing the killing.
    That is the path to endless war.

  5. Muhammad Goldstein

    JMW, I am so so glad I have left the USA where such naive thinking is still so should visit Africa and Asia to experience some new things. Your argument, while morally on the right side, ultimately leads to the endless oppression of the weak by the strong. If the founding fathers had not slaightered a few Red Coats along the way, think the British would have ever gotten the message?

    The bomb in Moscow is abhorrent..a stain on humanity. It makes my want to wretch to see such pitcures. It’s also predictable and 100% the fault of the Russian military. You reap what you sow. (See Chalmers Johnson’s book “Blowback” for more on this.)

  6. At least the Red Coats were soldiers. And I suppose you justify 9/11 the same way you do with your other arguments. By the way, show me an example where terrorism brought two factions to the negotiating table.

  7. Muhammad Goldstein

    Jim, did you know that the founders of Israel used “terrorism” in their fight for independence? One day they’re bombing the Kind David Hotel, 30 years lighter Begin is prime minister…

    Explain this to me: what exactly is the difference between a suicide bomber and a US pilot who drops a bomb on a wedding party in Afghanistan? think morally those actions are any different at all?? Again, why are some lives worth more than others???

  8. MG
    Unfortunately in war the innocent do die because of poor intelligence, errors, or the enemy hiding among civilians.
    The Taliban are true cowards because instead of separating themselves from the civilians they hide among them.

    The Wedding Party Was Not The Target. The Taliban Was.

    The Suicide Bomber TARGETS Women And Children.

    Big Difference.

  9. Muhammad Goldstein

    JMW, I’m sorry that you really believe that..When our government uses high powered weapons to bomb the poorest country on the planet, and still uses terms like “collateral damage”..there is no moral difference.

    US also killed 200,000+ civilians in the Tokyo Fire Bombings, an act that Curtis LeMay himself said would be judged a war doubt you would defend that too?

    I speak this way as someone with family in the Middle East on BOTH sides of the Jewish/Muslim divide (MG is not my real name, but my father is Jewish, mother Muslim). It’s clear, once you leave the US bubble-boy media environment, that the US and Israelis are to blame for most of what’s happening in the Middle East. (Note; this does not excuse tyrants like Mubarak, Ahmadinejad or those Hamas A-holes.)

  10. MG
    America NEEDS the support of the Afghani people. To think that we would target the very people we need is a Taliban Lie.
    In the attack at Wech Baghtu 37 civilians and 26 militants were killed.
    Don’t you understand that the Taliban hides among people that support them?
    Do you think Osama will ever be a suicide bomber?
    Do you think he would send out one of his own children?

    I know that the Qur’an is difficult to translate so I don’t promise an accurate translation.
    Many understand the Qur’an to teach against taking your own life – for any reason.

    [4:29] O you who believe, do not consume each others’ properties illicitly – only mutually acceptable transactions are permitted. You shall not kill yourselves. GOD is Merciful towards you.
    [4:30] Anyone who commits these transgressions, maliciously and deliberately, we will condemn him to Hell. This is easy for GOD to do.

    We agree on one thing the nuclear bombings of Japan were criminal.

  11. Muhammad Goldstein

    JMW, thanks for the civil back&forth, appreciate it.

    Yes, the Taliban are wretched people, some of the worst humanity has to offer. They pervert Islam in the worst way. Are they any worse than the Saudi Arabians though, a regime that treats women worse than they treat cattle? Also, the Afghan people most clearly do NOT want US soldiers there anymore.

    Osama bin Laden..who’s that? Some spoiled Saudi who we once gave arms to in the fight against the Soviets? He’s nothing..capturing him would mean zero. Islamic extremism is NOT a threat to our country..remember, we had 45 years of the Cold War without resorting to “Homeland Security” and locking up our own citizens without a after 9/11 we become a police state? It’s crazy..

  12. MG
    We need to capture Osama because he is the worst kind of criminal.
    The attack of 9-11 wasn’t his first. It was the one that drives the war.
    We must destroy the Taliban because they have made it their goal to kill innocent women and children.
    Osama is the one who gave the order just as Dokku Umarov ordered the bombings in Russia.
    Both men are evil.
    I suppose Dokku has now given Russia even more incentive to intensify their actions in Chechnya.
    He wanted revenge, now more innocent people will die.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid

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