McNabb to the Raiders


It appears increasingly likely that Donovan McNabb will be traded to the Oakland Raiders within the coming days. I …

A. Feel bad for McNabb, who doesn’t deserve such a fate.

B. Think the Eagles are absolutely idiotic.

For some reason, Philly has never appreciated McNabb, one of the three or four best quarterbacks of his generation. The guy plays hard, plays hurt, is a fantastic leader and has guided the Eagles to a Super Bowl. Yes, he vomited on the field, which, ahem, wasn’t great. But he got them there.

Throughout his years in the league, McNabb rarely has been given much to work with. Pre-T.O. he never had a top-flight receiver, and Owens was such a disaster he barely counts. Certainly DeSean Jackson is a stud, but he’s only been a game changer for two season. That’s all. Otherwise, McNabb has largely had to do things on his own. He has been the Eagles’ offense.

Now, Philly wants to turn things over to Kevin Kolb.

Good luck.

PS: If I’m a team with a quality veteran starting QB, and I can get JaMarcus Russel on the cheap, I do it. All the skills, none of the maturity. Worth the risk.

8 thoughts on “McNabb to the Raiders”

  1. Yeah, it’s baffling the way McNabb is disrespected in Philly…he must have worn a Santa outfit at one time.

    I hate to bring race into it, but our country as a whole has an issue with black men in leadership positions.

  2. I think you’re woefully underestimating the presence of Eagles RB Brian Westbrook who pretty much left it all on the field in much the same way McNabb has over the years.

    I can appreciate good hyperbole as much as the next guy, but let’s not rewrite history here (re: McNabb (largely) did it on his own).

  3. Dude, he’s got one year left on his contract. The Eagles have an awesome young team and need to focus on the future. McNabb is a great quarterback (possibly the greatest in franchise history) but he’s not the Eagles QB of the future.

  4. Jeff,
    I think you’re oversimplifying things just a bit.

    I’m a die-hard, green-bleeding, etc Eagles fan and I have enjoyed rooting for McNabb since 1999.

    I think the “McNabb haters” were always a (very) vocal minority, but I think there is something about his personality (and Reid’s) that kept Philly fans from embracing them like they did Buddy Ryan or Jaws, etc. (Yes, I suspect there may be a tinge of racism among some of the McNabb haters).

    McNabb’s talent, toughness, and work ethic are appreciated, but I think it’s his bland public persona and pension for somehow putting his foot in his mouth fairly often despite always (and sincerely, I think) trying to say the right thing that keep him from being “loved”. That said, I think he’s a good dude and a great role model.

    I also think he’s a rare talent. The Eagles erred in drafting their QB of the future, Kolb, after McNabb had serious injuries across several seasons and there reason to doubt his durability.

    McNabb came back and was relatively healthy in 08 and 09, but now the Eagles are left with a choice of whether to proceed with McNabb or start the Kolb era. Their other offensive skill positions are young and can form the nucleus of a team that can be together for years with Kolb. I think it’s just a youth movement rather than a rejection of McNabb’s talents.

    My personal opinion on the matter though is that either Reid or McNabb need to go. They are both great at what they do, but their weaknesses compliment each other too much. McNabb is Reid’s “Swiss Army Knife”. When Don’s in the game, the game plan is “Win the Game, Donovan.” When forced to rely on Jeff Garcia (success!) or AJ Feeley (Fail!) it seems like there’s usually a better offensive game plan that isn’t quite so one-dimensional. I look forward to seeing Donovan play in a different offense, and I also hope that a switch in QB — even if it’s not an upgrade in talent, can help change some of the tendencies that have hurt the Eagles in the past.

    I haven’t seen enough of Kevin Kolb to judge. I think the hope amongst Eagles fans is that while his ceiling isn’t as high as McNabb, he might be more consistent, less prone to the occasional, unexplainable “pitcher-can’t-find-the-strike-zone” type clunker games that 5 seems to have several of every year.

    Joe Montana as a Chief. Brett Favre as a Jet/Viking/?…

    It’s sad, but it’s part of the game. It doesn’t mean those guys weren’t appreciated.

  5. As a Giant fan i have always hated the Eagles but respected Mcnabb. I always thought he handled himself like a pro.
    This trade would be a big exhale for Giant fans.

  6. On your PS:
    JaMarcus is eating himself into a lineman position.
    Huge mistake to spend money on this guy.
    He wasn’t all that great in college. As is often the case he was surrounded by talent.
    Matt Flynn replaced the injured Russell for the 2005 Peach Bowl (now the Chick-fil-A Bowl).
    Flynn lead LSU to a 40-3 stomping over Miami. LSU had talent.
    Basically JaMarcus could fling the ball a long way, accuracy is debatable.

    I would like to see McNabb go where he is appreciated. He deserves better than Oakland.
    There are other teams looking at McNabb.

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