An infuriating ad

I’m sorry, but why is a girl who had a kid out of wedlock telling other girls not to have a kid out of wedlock?

I can appreciate the message, and certainly it’s not ideal to have a baby as a teenager. But how can Bristol Palin look into a camera and say, more or less: “I’m rich, and my mom is famous. So I could have a kid. But you’re poor and your mom isn’t famous—so don’t have sex. It’s bad.”

Were politics not involved here, Bristol Palin is just another teen mother being anonymously supported by her embarrassed-yet-wealthy folks. Instead, we’re hearing from her, not the girls who need to be speaking—those who had babys and were actually poor and struggling and hurting and overwhelmed.

Uhg. What a joke.

PS: That all being said, I have no doubt the kid is doing this out of good intentions. I don’t mean to slam Bristol Palin, the person, because I’ve gotta think her life is awful in many ways, and she seems nice. But the way she’s being used … gross.