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Angry Rock

Have long been a fan of angry rock. Well, angry message rock. Pearl Jam. Neil Young. Living Colour. Public Enemy (not rock, but certainly on point). It’s one thing to sing about women or drugs or parties—and another to actually make an impact.

Earlier today I received a Facebook message from a dude I went to high school with named Gregory Gilroy. He’s a year older than I am … graduated from Western Connecticut … writes on his page that “I get up, I work, I come home, play with the kids, kiss my wife, eat dinner, loaf on the couch and go to bed. Annnnddd repeat. In between that I write and perform music with two of my best friends, Drink an occasional PBR (or 50 depending on the situation), smoke butts and type on this dang fangled internet.”

When he told me about his rock band, The Dalliance, I thought, “Uh, yeah.” When he told me about the group’s new song, “Leave It All Behind,” I thought “Uh, yeah” again. Then I watched the video—a crude, basic, cheaply shot video … with a really good, really angry song.  I love this sort of thing, because there’s meaning behind the words and impact in the intent. So support a bunch of late-30s dudes trying to speak loudly. Because it’s a rare treat …