Letter of the day


Received this e-mail today. He actually included his name, so I looked him up on Facebook. Lotsa photos.

I’ve gotta assume his e-mail was dripping with irony …

Jeff; this is my third time wearing old #25, since the home opener. Watching kruk and kuip, in the 9th tonight, hoping we pull out a win.

A. Barry probably didn’t want to talk to you because, he couldn’t stand looking at that nose.

B. Go fuck yourself, your work smells of shit disturber.

With regard to a, seriously buddy, get that thing looked at.

That’s my opinion.

6 thoughts on “Letter of the day”

  1. Nice punctuation in the E-mail. World class. As for Bonds, I loved watching him hit. Went as far as cheering for the guy. But I can’t disagree with anything you say about him. It’s all true. I’m 22 now. The hardest part about growing up wasn’t trying to learn how to undo a girl’s bra strap. It was coming to grips with the idea that 70 percent of the athletes taped and pinned to my wall cheated.

    P.S. Was watching Training Day for the 10th time the other night. Denzel Washington’s character, Alonzo, is basically Barry Bonds with a smaller head.

  2. I spent the last minute or two staring at your nose in pictures. I’m not sure what the guy means. It’s a good nose. Solid. Well placed. Nostrils. I’m not seeing the problem.

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