Top photo is a young man hugging his brother before he heads off to Iraq.
Bottom photo is a young man saying farewell to his brother.

9 thoughts on “Crushing”

  1. Muhammad Goldstein

    Excellent, Jeff. These pics should be on every frontpage in America, every single day..Since no one in the US seems to care about all the innocent Arabs and Afghans that are killed, maybe seeing dead US soldiers arrive home regularly will finally cause some mass outrage…

    The world is finally on to the crimes of Henry Kissenger, maybe there’s still hope for the arrest and trial of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld..we can only pray..

  2. Yes, this is a very sad set of photos. But, that’s the risk you take when you sign up for the military. Regardless, of whether the war is justified. It’s their job to go fight, a job they signed up for. If you don’t want to die in a war, it’s probably a good idea not to join the armed forces.

  3. My son is in Iraq, it is the job he wants to do.
    He had career opportunities before he joined the ARMY. He held a management position for a major company.
    He wants a career where he can make a difference.
    We understand the danger, we understand the choice.

  4. I respect the choice. I respect the danger. I respect the men and women who go into harm’s way. I think the statement, “regardless, of whether the war is justified”, spits on the honor and spirit and patriotism of these young men and women. They signed up to serve their country, not to be used as chattel by vain and stupid politicians and military leaders. I understand wars can be “unjustified.” What I can’t understand is how easily we send our soldiers off to be killed, and how easy we rationalize it. To me it is unconscionable.

  5. Muhammad Goldstein

    [5] Indeed, Ted. It’s a crime that these guys get away with it.

    Please say a prayer for all the Iraqi and Afghan families that have been destroyed as well..our insular media all too often forgets that their losses have meaning too.

  6. When I said “Regardless, of whether the war is justified”, I just wanted to avoid commenting on whether the war is right or wrong (alluding to the 1st post). I don’t think it’s good to send people to fight for no reason, of course. Perhaps, I could have worded it better.

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