The end of a tagline—not so fast


I want to thank the people who read this blog for the comments beneath my last post. Truly meant a lot to me; so much so that I’m going to give this another try and keep the e-mail address down there.

Maybe I do need to thicken my skin. Or just ignore people. Not sure. But the points made here were good ones, and I appreciate them.

Free beers for everyone!

PS: Yes, that’s my Bar Mitzvah. A side note: I wore my San Francisco Giants cap to the event. Obviously had to take it off for the service, so I placed it beneath the lecturn. At one point, while talking about me, Rabbi Trachtenberg pulled it out and said something like, “Just in case you wonder about Jeff’s priorities …” It was a funny moment.

4 thoughts on “The end of a tagline—not so fast”

  1. Well done, sir. The nattering nabobs of negativism will always be there, their nastiness increasing as their unhappiness increases. Remember that these are cowardly and fearful people lashing out at everything and everybody in an attempt to justify their sad existence.

  2. Good for you man! It’s not easy at all to put out anything personal such as writings, music, whatever just to have people attack you personally for no good reason other than they do not agree. It’s one thing to debate and give constructive criticism about something, but for people to just type “you suck” is just pointless. I mean really who has the time??

    I remember playing a gig and someone hated us so much they threw their sneaker at me. How pissed off do you have to be to remove your own sneaker and throw it at someone just because you don’t like something?? I looked after the set for the one shoed man so I could step on his foot.

    If you remove your e-mail contact, the bastards win my friend. It’s like Banky said in J&SBSB “That’s what the internet is for. Slandering others anonymously.”

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