How to guarantee someone never, ever, ever appears on your show

9 thoughts on “How to guarantee someone never, ever, ever appears on your show”

  1. “We mean no disrespect to Al Gore…”

    Uh huh.

    And it’s sad the young punk with the microphone is learning his craft in that manner. I don’t blame him. He’s ambitious. I blame O’Reilly and the producers and others that put the kid in that position.

    It’s too bad he won’t learn to do things the right way.

  2. He promotes the idea that global warming is caused by man, by the gas we all exhale, rather than natural fluxuations in climate that have always occured. Most of the “scientists” that are still on board with this theory have reasons that aren’t based on science, but their source of income.

  3. For what it’s worth, I interviewed O’Reilly this week. Pretty nice and reasonable guy. I went toe to toe with him a little bit, but he remained respectful, and defended himself, his show and his point of view well, I thought.
    I tried to interview Gore once, and his PR people turned me down flat. I guess he’s too busy leaving his mansion to fly around in his private plane and ride around in a limo all to tell people that they need to simplify their lives to save the Earth.
    I’m not hating on Gore. Everybody’s gotta make a buck somehow. I’m just saying, I know which one of these men I respect more.

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