Today’s column …


… is why I think LeBron should come to New York.


3 thoughts on “Today’s column …”

  1. No offense, but for some of us who have traveled NY has ZERO appeal.
    If you are going to try and sell food, New Orleans wins.
    Or maybe SF.
    All sorts of cities can claim some kind of special appeal, nothing beats home.
    I’m not a Cleveland fan, only thing I can think about is a burning river.
    No matter how you try to sell it, nothing trumps home.

  2. LeBron James hangs out with Jay-Z on a regular basis, I don’t think that James is afraid of the city.

    The Keith Hernandez comparison doesn’t work so well.

    And according to Bernie Carbo, he’s the one that introduced Hernandez to cocaine, while they were both in St. Louis. So, I doubt that Hernandez was in the fetal position in his hotel room when the Cards played the Mets.

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