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lane kiffin - wife

… highlights Mike Ditka vs. Lane Kiffin. Integrity vs slime.

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  1. I enjoyed the article, and got your point.

    But, you know what? “Old school loyalist” Ditka…got fired. In the end, the loyalty was one sided, as it always is in sports.

    Ditka might have more integrity, but Kiffin’s smarter.

    The other thing is, Ditka was an old Bears guy. The Bears might well have been Ditka’s dream HC job. What if he’d been the HC of another team and the Bears came calling? Would he have left that team to take the Bears job? I don’t you? Kiffin says USC is his dream job.

    I think part of the problem was that Kiffin didn’t at all forsee USC becoming open at this time. I remember when Ray Perkins was coaching the Giants, and he was always honest: “The one job I’d leave here for, is Alabama.” And he did.

  2. I have to agree with Frank D. How come no one ever cries foul when a college basketball coach or football coach gets fired? Yet, when a particular coach legally accepts a better offer at another school, people act as if he is committing treason or something. USC is arguably the best college football coaching job in American and Lane Kiffin has his roots there. He would have been INSANE NOT to have accepted the job and remain in the SEC as coach of the 6th or 7th best team in the league. Perhaps USC is dumb for hiring Kiffin. We’ll see. Perhaps Tennessee is dumb for firing a legend, national championship winning coach like Fulmer… How come you in the media aren’t screaming about that? I’m sure Fulmer could have taken many other jobs in the past only to stay at Tennessee and get fired – kinda like “loyal” Bobby Bowden and “loyal” Joe Paterno, who nearly was fired when Penn State struggled 7 years ago.

    And Mr. Pearlman, I don’t know your job background but i imagine you worked for a small paper at some point only to leave for a better paying job at a bigger paper before landing at You snake!!! How dare you or somebody else leave a job for better one? You would almost think we were living in the United States of America, the land of oppountunity.

    As for me, I am currently unemployed because I waited too long to leave my late job out of “loyalty.” It is great to be loyal to friends and family, but loyalty in the job market is a fast track to unemployment. That is really the lesson!!!

  3. Lane Kiffin is much too young to be the head coach of a major college division 1 football team. He proved he was too young by the mediocre job he did at Tennessee. I’m not sure if Lane Kiffin ever played football, ( at any level ) and now he’s trying to coach? Please!! USC is playing Oregon right now on television and they are getting beat, kinda badly!!

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