Oil’s Oddball Twist


In regards to the ongoing B.P. disaster, Republicans are screaming, “What is Obama doing?”

Which is a fair question. But not to be asked by Republicans. Who want government out of our lives. And have spent years trying to give corporations even greater power.

Corporations like B.P.

You can’t have it both ways. If you believe in corporate American and a completely free market, and you want the president and congress to have as little impact as possible, then stop whining about Obama allowing B.P. to dictate the terms of the cleanup. Because it actually symbolizes your ultimate goal—a company doing the government’s job.

If, on the other hand, you believe in government, and you want regulation, you have every right to be pissed at Obama.

Right now, I am.

6 thoughts on “Oil’s Oddball Twist”

  1. People are saying “Blame Obama” over and over. But seriously, what do you want him to do. I read somewhere that trying to fix this leak is akin to landing on the moon, and the government doesn’t have the means, knowledge or technology to solve this problem. It sucks that BP has to be the one to fix this, because they’re the devils in this equation, but that’s the way it is.

  2. Jeff…I’ve been thinking this very thing.

    All our conservative friends want to privatize everything and keep government out of our lives.

    Then when disaster strikes, who do they turn to for help?

    Why is it now the government’s responsibility? Why should anyone be asking Obama what he’s doing?

    I couldn’t believe it on Friday when I was watching CNN and they interviewed some local business owners who were being affected by the disaster.

    They all wanted to know where their money was from BP and the government. I believe all the ones interviewed by CNN had received some disaster relief funds, but they said it wasn’t enough.

    One guy, a crab boat fisherman said he got a few thousand dollars…but he needed more.

    Is this akin to the “handouts” the Republicans and conservatives speak of when they discuss unemployment and minorities.

    Mind you, the crab boat fisherman was white. The restaurant owner, white.

    They both wanted more money.

    “It don’t even pay the light bill,” one said.

    Heck, I wish I could turn to the government and request a check every time business is bad.

    Hey Crab Fisherman…the ocean is pretty friggin’ big. Find another fishing hole…or better yet, find another job. Get to work and quit asking for handouts.

    Hey restaurant owner…business is bad? Join the club. Why should your business be any different than the rest of the country’s businesses? Do you lower your prices or give discounts to your customers when their business is down and they struggle to pay the light bill?

    Now, I’m not against helping people when they’re in need. Not one bit.

    But, let our conservative friends and Republicans recognize the situation.

  3. The Pride of Curry

    So…just because they’re white they’re automatically Republican? Or did they actually admit to being Republican on TV?

  4. Yeah, I’m kinda peeved at 44 too, because as I understand it, he was cool with the expansion of off-shore drilling.
    That said, the burden of fixing this is at BP’s feet. Their rich, oily feet.

  5. The Pride of Curry…I didn’t say the crab boat fisherman or the business owner was Republican. I said they were white.

    I then pointed out my anger with Republicans over their welfare buzz word, “handouts.”

    Why aren’t they up in arms over those business owners asking for handouts?

    That was my point.

    I could care less what political party the crab boat fisherman affiliates himself with.

    Many welfare recipients live in a disaster every day of their lives…and our Republican friends want them to find better jobs. Why should the crab boat fisherman be any different?

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