One. Nine. Five.


Posted two weeks ago about weighing 201 and feeling terrible.

Weighed myself today: 195.


Funny thing is, we’d just returned from a vacation where I sorta put the diet aside and ate like a pig. Hell, you try strolling the boardwalk of Ocean City, N.J. and not buying a big ol’ tub of Jonhson’s Caramel Corn. But, through the 4 1/2 days away, I didn’t 100-percent pig out. Maybe 75 percent. But not 100.

A big key for me has been a new discovery: Raw corn on the cob. Never tried it before, took a bite on a whim the other day—fantastic. Stew Leonard’s sells this insanely flavorful corn—10 ears for $2.99. It has more sugar than carrots (0 sugar), but it’s waaay better than my normal diet of cookies and cereal.

On a side note, a quick though about Jay Glazer’s defenders, and specifically the guy who asked, “What, he can’t have any friends who are athletes?” The answer to this question is a very simple No, he can’t have friends who he covers. Can’t. It’s an enormous conflict of interest, and he’s proof of it. It’s ludicrous. Insulting. Sad. Horrible. And, mostly, unprofessional.