Kidney? What kidney?


Get a call from my friend Mike Lewis a few nights ago. “Jeff, should I go to the hospital?”

He describes the pain he’s in. “Yeah,” I say. “I would.”

He went—and here’s the excellent blog post about his adventures.

You can do much worse than checking out Sweet Lew’s blog. We date back to the University of Delaware. I was the editor of the student newspaper my senior year, and Lew came up wanting to write. He was wearing a terrible jean jacket and some sort of JETS pendant, but the guy could always write. He’s gone on to a wonderful career, and now covers pretty much everything for the Daytona paper. We talk four or five times per week; share a passion for the written word, as well as for 1980s New York Jets.

I babble. He’s a wonderful guy, and I’m glad he’s healthy again.