New unis

Courtesy on slamonline, the Golden State Warriors will have new uniforms next year …


My take: That’s the best they could do?

6 thoughts on “New unis”

  1. That’s the retro look, man! I’m not much of a basketball fan, but I’m pretty sure those are the unis they wore when they won their lone title. Clearly, they’re preparing for a second Golden Age when Larry Ellison buys the team.

  2. Well, Jeff, it’s a HELL of a lot better looking than the orange garbage they have been wearing, which looks like Godzilla puked a pumpkin on them.

    The bridge in the logo is the new, yet-to-be-completed single-span suspension Bay Bridge, and as such, makes this a very forward-looking logo for the Bay Area.

    Some of us actually like it. And we live here.

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