I *heart* scathing movie reviews


I love movie reviews. Especially cruel ones. I guess it’s a character flaw, but, hey, what can I say? I dig ’em.

Adam Sandler’s new film, “Grown Ups,” opens today, and I’ve thought all along the trailers look absolutely dreadful. And yet, I’ve heard an endless stream of people say, “I can’t wait to see that!” Along with Sandler, it stars Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James and Rob Schneider—a recipe, in my humble opinion, for 102 minutes of goofy, wacky flamable manure.

I babble. Here’s the opening to Stephen Holden’s merciless—and fantastic—review in today’s Times

It doesn’t get worse than “Grown Ups,” Adam Sandler’s sloppy entry into this year’s man-child-comedy sweepstakes. Lazy, mean-spirited, incoherent, infantile and, above all, witless, the farce — which focuses on five 40-something guys in full regression — suggests a hangover from “The Hangover.” If squirting breast milk, simultaneous urination by slobs in a pool at a water park, and a repeatedly flatulent grandmother are your idea of fun, I say go for it.

PS: By the way, if you want to see a real movie, check out The Messenger with Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster. We watched it on DVD last night. Stellar.

6 thoughts on “I *heart* scathing movie reviews”

  1. Jeff…I saw The Messenger a couple weeks ago…it’s fantastic.

    As far as Sandler and Co….I don’t like forced comedy. Guys like Jim Carey just aren’t funny to me. Adam Sandler has his moments, but only when he’s not trying to be funny.

    Kevin James is funny in The King of Queens. Spade…never. Rock…never. Schneider…never.

    I don’t think I’ll be seeing the Grownups.

  2. im so sick of hollywood and its omega-male fetish. wtf happened to a man playing a man in a comedy, and not a buffoon.

  3. and re the above comment, i feel jim carrey comes across far better when he does the more serious roles (a la eternal sunshine…). kind of like a modern-day robin williams?

  4. This was the best movie I’ve ever seen. Just got home from three straight showings and I might go back tomorrow!

  5. Jason K….I agree 100-percent on Jim Carrey.

    In movies like Ace Ventura and The Mask he annoys the hell out of me. He forces humor and well, it’s just not funny. It’s obnoxious.

  6. I agree with you Jeff, The Messenger is an under-the-radar great movie. Did you watch the documentary on the DVD about actual army notification officers? That was a little much for me, had to go out for a drink . . .

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