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is about Ernie Banks, and the statement he (and the Chicago Cubs) is making by appearing in this weekend’s Gay Pride Parade.

Growing up, I’m sure the idea of playing in the Majors was preposterous to a young black kid out of the Negro Leagues. Just as, in a sense, it is in 2010 for an openly gay person.

Let’s hope that changes.

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  1. Number one, good for the Cubs. I don’t think it will hurt them in marketing, but good for them anyway. It would be nice if there were some management/owner types on the float too, but…as for LeBron, it would be nice to think a gay player could come out in the Cav’s locker room and he would be supported by his teammates and it would stay in the locker room,but…

  2. First off great article. Bravo Cubs

    Off topic but look at that picture of Ernie Banks, can you recall a pro athlete looking that organically happy?

  3. Wonder if ther is a back story… one gay child, grandchild,niece or nephew can change opinions in a major way. Whatever the motivation, thank you Mr. Banks!

  4. Jeff…thanks for that, it was an enjoyable piece to read.

    I too will root for the Cubs, even though I gave up on MLB several years ago.

    That’s a big step for professional sports, unfortunately I don’t see too many other teams following suit.

  5. As a St. Louisan, I still hate the Cubs, but this does seem like a very smart, savvy and pragmatic marketing move on their parts. Because most of them don’t have children, gays have more disposable income than most other people. To stay economically viable, more teams and sports in general should be marketing to them.

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