Sarah Palin at her best

First, let this be said: When a Democrat comes along and makes the sort of gaffes Sarah Palin is now famous for, I will roast him/her with equal disdain. I promise.

That said, this woman is amazing. The below video is the open mic following Palin’s speech last week at California State University-Stanislaus. The transcript can be found here.

Palin isn’t merely dumb. She’s ill-prepared. This, as reported by Yahoo! News after the speech:

Following in others’ grand tradition of demonstrating gaps in knowledge while addressing a university, Sarah PalinReagan, personal hero and inspiration, was a California college graduate. She told the cheering crowd: “This is Reagan country, and perhaps it was destiny that the man who went to California’s Eureka College would become so woven within and interlinked to the Golden State.” told a crowd at a fundraiser at California State University in Stanislaus last weekend that Ronald

There’s just one problem here: Reagan went to Eureka College in Illinois from 1928 to 1932, the Alaska Dispatch reports. He didn’t move to California until five years after his graduation. There’s no Eureka College in California (though there’s a town of Eureka that has a College of the Redwoods nearby).


You know what’s sad? As time moves forward, I’m increasingly open to a Tea Party-esque movement. By this, I mean a third party uncorrupted by money and power. But this particular Tea Party identifies itself as a joke every time it evokes/boosts Sarah Palin. She is a moron, a fool, a dolt—unworthy of holding any sort of political position.


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  1. Thanks so much for linking this story. We at PalinGates are so glad to be a part of the movement to expose $arah Palin’s soft money-grubbing belly to the rest of the world.

    Taking $73K fee and $18K in expenses from a state school in financial trouble, and not having any of the “take” go toward scholarships is quite simply, a normal day in Missy MoneyGrubbers life.

    Appeciate your support and pls come visit us and join in the hunt for the truth!!!

  2. Thanks for linking to Palingates. Really the best site devoted to watching Palin’s shenanigans, and alas, I fear they are not over.

    Oh, and I really do have a friend in Southern Sudan, if you need some help with your hookup 🙂

  3. It is obvious how much more integrity your new honey “vara ray” has than the half-wit, half-term gov aka BP Barbie.

  4. Jeff, the Tea Partiers are, by definition, corrupted by money. That’s all they care about. Mine mine mine mine mine. And they’re certainly not a “third party”; they’re Republicans.

    I do know what you mean, though; the problem is, any third party “uncorrupted by money and power” will get .02% of the vote. Tops.

  5. \When a Democrat comes along and makes the sort of gaffes Sarah Palin is now famous for, I will roast him/her with equal disdain. \

    You have about 30 years of Joe Biden quotes at your disposal.

    Until then: How many seconds after her book was available did Sarah Palin outsell your lifetime total? You’re supposed to be the professional writer, no?

    That’s gotta suck, much like a journalist who could out hit a MLB player (that is, if any of them had hand-eye coordination above that of a middle school girl).

    1. Ha. Good reply. But why would I be upset about Palin’s book outselling all of mine combined? She’s a celebrity—a major one. Of course she’ll sell more. She should.

      And good point about Biden—though I’ve only been doing the blog for a couple of years. And, unlike Palin, he’s smart.

      As far as sucking, it’s gotta suck to be a Palin supporter. Because it means you must be dumb. And being dumb sucks.

  6. Jeff,
    Let me know in which world an engineering degree ranks lower than a journalism/lit one and THEN you can talk. Until that point, the kos-like attitude & internet bravado (do you perform push-ups in order to get ready to type that someone is stupid? Work the bag? Jump rope? How do you physically prepare for such a demanding venture, what with the keyboard and monitor being your only weapons at hand?) are as flat as prospects of keeping a writing job in print media.

    Nice try at an insult, though.

    BTW, Biden went up against Palin in a televised debate. Shouldn’t he have demolished her, if he’s so smart and she’s so dumb?

    BTW, since you promised, you can start with Biden’s gaffe about Obama being articulate & then move on to not being able to walk into a 7/11 without coming across someone with an Indian accent (gosh, he’s sooooo smart. I know because some liberals said so).

    1. Ouch, babe. Sharp response. Guess I deserve it.

      Wanna write a pro-Palin blog post for the site? I’ll run it as is—you have my word.


      PS: Seriously, no hard feelings. But I deserved your insults—I launched first.

  7. You want dumb, here’s dumb: “Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith.” – Barack “it’s Bush’s fault” Obama

    Try to get a social security card on faith & see how important your place of birth is when determining your status as an American. Yeah, I know what he meant, but I’m giving him as much slack as you give Sarah Palin.

    At least she’s not proposing tax hikes on charitable giving or people w/high medical bills.

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