A bacon mug filled with cheese


Yes, that’s what the above photo depicts.

I don’t have much more to add. Only that we live in a country where bacon mugs are filled with cheese. Which means we must be fat. Which we are. Fat. F-a-t. People eat too much, and they eat too much crap.

Mmm … bacon mug. Cheese.

I’m hungry.

3 thoughts on “A bacon mug filled with cheese”

  1. It is a perfect picture of what our society is coming to. When I look around most of the people I see are overweight lazy people who want everything handed to them.

  2. I couldn’t eat any of that…well maybe if it is a fondue…or if I still smoked pot…are there eggs?

    Actually that mug is pretty awesome, made my arteries harden just looking at it.

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