Kirk Gibson


Arizona fired the overmatched A.J. Hinch as its manager today, and replaced him with Kirk Gibson.

Kirk Gibson?

Weird choice. As a player, Gibson was one of the nastiest, meanest, most unbecoming men any writer/fan could have the displeasure of meeting. He was rude and crass, and made no secret of his dislike of, well, human beings.

One may say: What does this have to do with managing a team? Answer: Everything. A manager works strategically, sure, but he’s also the face of the franchise. A PR man. A salesman. A mouthpiece. Unless the man has drastically, drastically changed, this can’t go well.


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  1. He’s the right choice. He’s been a bench coach for the past 8 seasons and his resume as a player speaks for itself. Hinch is a cerebral guy and knows baseball, but he was way too green and was saddled with a roster full of bonus babies who felt no compelling reason to take marching orders from him. Gibson isn’t gonna play that game.

    as far as the “face of the franchise”, I don’t buy it. Derek Jeter is the face of the Yankees, not Joe Girardi. Evan Longoria is the face of the Rays, not Joe Maddon. Its a very rare manager who comes to define an entire franchise (Bobby V., Ozzie, Billy Martin). Not to mention that this is Arizona, the state where its illegal to be brown and not speak ‘murican…the fans will LOVE this guy.

  2. I’d love to see Otis Nixon coach a team. Just imagine him running from ump to ump, arguing a call. They wouldn’t even see it coming. And he’d leave dust in their mouths before any of them could even kick him out. Jacob Brumfield could be his bench boss, just because none of us ever really got enough of Jacob Brumfield.

  3. Arizona has already said he’s not the long term solution there. There’s no expectation for this guy, other than make sure everyone is on the jet before take off, and they’ve probably even outsourced that responsibility. Best case, for Gibson, he’s auditioning for another job somewhere else.

  4. Did you ever cover Gibson as a player or coach or ever listen to him as a color guy for Tigers games? Or are you just basing this on a wildly overblown stereotype of his intense style of play? If you read this item from someone who has been covering the team, you’ll see that someone who actually knows something about the man has a very different view:

  5. Bruce Macgowan reporter and broadcaster who covered baseball during Kirk Gibson’s career saw Gibson first hand verbally abuse women reporters, challenge reporters, and just spit out filthy talk towards fans and reporters and was nasty mouthed to fans and media while he was with Detroit and L.A. There is no doubt people who love him now will realize who Kirk Gibson really is and rethink their opinions. Mark these words.

  6. What do you think of Kirk Gibson now? How does that crow taste? He just won manager of the year and turned the D-backs hopes and franchise around. He just pulled off arguably one of the best performances of a manager in MLB.

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