The Big Slog

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Today is about my 450th-straight day of working on this book, and I’m sloggin’ big time.

People ask, ‘What’s the hardest part of writing a book?’ To me, it’s an easy answer: Fatigue.

When I used to write features for Sports Illustrated, it’d be Scott Rolen one week, Jim Edmonds the next, Gary Sheffield after that. I’d bounce around … see different people. The routine kept me fresh, even if the subject matter started to numb me a bit. There were always new people to see, different faces to look forward to. Etc.

Now, I love writing books. Absolutely love it. But—and this is a BIG but—there inevitably comes a stretch when the last thing you want to think about is the subject matter; where you’ve maxed out on interest, and you just want to find the nearest ocean and jump in. I’m gonna soldier on today, but I’m a bit battered. A bit worn.

Location also matters—and I desperately need some new locations. Right now, I rotate between a bunch of places. Today, I’m in Starbucks. Yesterday it was the Larchmont Public Library. Two days ago it was the Atlanta Bread Company in White Plains. I try and keep the scenery fresh, but after a while they all get old. The coffee drinks are overpriced, the tables wobble, the people shouting into cell phones irk. I was writing late nights at the Mirage Diner, but lately I’ve been really tired come midnight.

I’m whining. I know. It’s a great job, and I’m blessed to be able to writing books for a living. But I need a vacation—asap.

2 thoughts on “The Big Slog”

  1. Well Jeff, you just have “keep your eye on the prize” my friend. In no time Vara Ray will come through with the 5.3 million and if I’m not mistaken that is life-changing money… well at least it was when Vara sent ME 5.3 million!

  2. Can I ask a question? Is there some reason you don’t write from a home office? A coffee shop seems like the least conducive place to work on a book. Aside from it being noisy, you can’t lug all your research materials to a starbucks everyday. Seems like a very odd choice.

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